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4 min readJun 11, 2021

What is IPTV? Which Should I Buy in today Days? Which Should I Use & which is better? 2021


generally IPTV refers to internet Protocol TV Viewing Method. It is advanced Version Of Satellite & Cable TV. Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) has their Own IPTV and Some DTH & Cable Operators Becoming Internet Providers. In today’s world Many ISP of world Giving Features like OTT platform Free with Their Internet. Mostly ISP provide This Thing As Main Package (Not Addon Package) and the World’s Law is Everything will change by time. So IPTV Is Today’s World’s Things. It will Older After Sometimes Like Traditional TV Was Just Awesome At Sometime People Watch With their Families members enjoy movies, Shows, anime, cartoons & etc thing.

IPTV VS Free Digital Streaming Platform:-

As Per We Know IPTV is paid Because No-one can operate TV Channels On Free. That’s why People’s Most Like Digital Streaming Platform. Because They Are Free as well and Have Unlimited Acess To any content Where Video Creator earns through Ads That’s why Digital Streaming Platform Has More Daily Active Members Then IPTV services Provider. And Main Thing Everyone Hates That 2 min and 5 min ads.

OTT platform Are sucess?
OTT platform Provide On Demand Content So They Will Absolutely Success. Nothing Can Be paid available and After Uploading on digital Streaming Media Than Their Revenue will shared With other So no-one like that. So Most Service Don’t Upload Their Content On Free Digital Streaming Platform.

What About Services Like , ?
We know this Service Give Acess to Same Content Which Will Available After A Week or 2–3 days On Other Digital Streaming Platforms. But They Are success Because They Are Like OTT platform You Can Watch Other Movie & shows. And their Channel Live Content With Unlimited Acess to content. Not Removed Any Video’s and Other things. And some Shows Content Available 6–7 hours ago Then TV.

Is IPTV on risk?

Generally Yes But Seeing The Past No. Different People Have Different view’s some people Don’t Like TV Some like TV. TV will Not Become Old-fashioned Because People Love To See On Big Screen. Many OTT platform Created Their Application For Different Smart TV’S. If You don’t seen TV since 8–9 or 1 years then probably You Don’t Have Smart TV or You Don’t Like TV.

Why IPTV on Risk?

IPTV show Live Content Of Channel. With ads and some boring stuff 😜. But people don’t like 2–3 min ads and that fishy dhum tana na na dhera dhera. People want to skip it so people Take Their TV Network OTT plans Or Wait And See on Any Digital Streaming Platform.

Did I Like TV? If yes With Ad Or Not? Hehe

Yup! TV is Only Thing Which i am seeing From My Birth. TV has It’s own Value. Seeing With Family Members. Going To Drink Water When Movie Has some Romance Scene 😂. I like With Ad. Ads Generally Shows Creativity or Cringe. So Yup!

Save IPTV?

Generally TV Channel Has Their Own Network App To Watch Online So To Save it TV Channel Just Need to Change The Advertisement Things. Because Member Took Premium Plan And Seeing Ads Is Like Going to moon and Not Exploring Moon hehe.

Digital Streaming Media Can Do Everything. It can make you a celebrity Also It Can Make You A Beggar. In These Media Your Creativity & public Speaking Ways matter. If you Show UnWanted Attitude And Grow by Saying Someone is dead Or Etc. Means Growing By make Hate videos On Other Creator. Will Affect Your Whole Life. Don’t UNDERESTIMATE Your Viewer’s. They Maked You They Can Also Destroy You.

2. IPTV vs other Free Digital Streaming Platform

IPTV is A Subscription Based Service. But Digital Streaming Platform Like YouTube Is Free. It has paid Plans But You Don’t Need Until You Want to see ads hehe. People on youtube Are More powerful Because Content Matters. Quality Matters You Can’t Earn By Showing Fishy Contents. IPTV still has Ads Of 2–3 min but Service Like Youtube Has 30 sec ads.

Why TV Channels Upload Their Content On Digital Streaming Platform?

No-one Can Underestimate Them . If you see Some Famous Shows Videos on YouTube You will See how many views Are their.

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