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What Is Clubhouse? How to join it? Discord VS ClubHouse!


Clubhouse : clubhouse Is A Rapidly Growing Social Media Where you can interact with Voice Chatting. It’s Still Not Fully published. You Need An Invite to join ClubHouse. You can Get Invite From clubs or Any Of The Clubhouse User or you can wait to use it after fully published.

How ClubHouse Works?

Everyone of us know in clubhouse we can only use voice Chatting. We can’t send Messeages, picture’s, videos, file’s & etc thing. In Clubhouse When you join A Room You We’re Silent to join To Meeting You Can click on✋icon then host will decide you should join or not. If host gives to permission to Speak You Can Say About The Room Topic.

How to join it?

Many people’s Are seeking Way To Join ClubHouse Even Some Websites Sell Clubhouse Invitation. To join ClubHouse You Need an Invite . You can Get That Invite From Club’s And You Friends or family members.

Did i have an account On Clubhouse?

In simple Words, yeah i have my account on clubhouse. I Got An Invitation Link Of Club On a Popular Facebook Group Named Ask Buddie.

Discord VS ClubHouse:-

Everyone One of Us know How Much Discord Is Popular. Discord Recently Has Announced New Features On Community Named Stage. Discord Stage Is similar to clubhouse Room’s. I don’t know about Bots on Clubhouse But You Can Enjoy Music On Discord stage By Using some bots. Discord Has Chatting Feature, voice message and Now Stage Feature. Clubhouse Only Have Voice Chatting Feature. In this Round I Can’t Say More About Please Comments Your Thought About These Two Biggest Platform.

Activating Stage Feature On Discord.
I know this When you Read Discord Stage Many Peoples Want to Create A Stage Channel On Discord. So You Need to Follow These Steps. When you click on add channel (+) button you will not find if your Discord Server Is Not Linked With Community. So do that Just Click On Settings => search “Community” => join it. => Go Back => refresh the page => Click on Add a new Channel (+) button => click on stage => save it. I Will Surely Say About You will Love This Feature of Discord.

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