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3 min readMay 28, 2021

Starting Blog on 2021? Part-1: Domain, hosting & installing WordPress & which is best ?

Starting Blog on 2021?

So here’s is basic Guide of setup blog! This is the part-I of this part name setup blog here we’re going to know about domain, hosting, blogger. Connect domain and hosting! If you face any problems Contact us Through Contact form!be ready to start your blog on 2021! Hehe so let’s move to the topic

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Blogging Mainly Refers to writing Articles On Anything Based On Your Interest. To Run A Successful Blog We Need to See Many Thing S.E.O, website speed, etc

First Of all We Need Domain,

How can we get Domain?

If You Want A .com Domain You Can Use GoDaddy, BigRock,, etc or from nepal you can search Domain Provider’s here some Domain Provider in Nepal With Hosting :- NestNepal, PrabhuHost, merohosting, webhostnepal.

After Getting Domain We Need Hosting To Host Our Blog. Mainly People’s Use And Blogger Blogger Is Free Service From Google. WordPress Is A CMS which Stands For Content Management System.

How to Host My Domain?

It is simple if you want to use blogger Follow This:-

How to Host Domain On Blogger?

For this First Of all Visit To Then Sign In With Your Account enter your Display Name On Blog And click on create New Blog. It will also provide you Free .blogspot sub-domain. For Custom Domain Visit To settings On Blogger Then find Custom domain Add your Domain Then Go to Your Domain Provider’s Dashboard Add ‘A’ and ‘CNAME’ record. Which You will get while adding Domain. Note That It can take upto 24 Hours To Changes on DOMAIN record’s!

Host Website On WordPress?

If you want to host website on WordPress i will suggest to use a same provider so they will do nameservers setup themselves you don’t need to modify any domain records. But if you want to host with another Web Services Provider then after Purchasing You will Get A Client Panel Details Where Nameservers Are Mentioned Copy That Nameservers Go to Your Domain Dashboard And Change Nameservers. After Changing Nameservers Here Also You Need to Wait for 24 hours to Everything Up And Going.

Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress Is simple Just go to your Control Panel. Click On WordPress manager by Softaculous Click On install. Fill And details And Click On Install Now. Now it will install. Change Your Theme’s Customize It. Enjoy!

Which is Best Blogger And WordPress?

We can’t compare WordPress And blogger both have pros and cons like there is nothing like plugin to automate your tasks or Else in blogger but you can do that on WordPress and in WordPress you need to safe your site but there are many Less chances to hack the website on Blogger! I don’t heard my blogger website is hacked hehe! So just calm and Decide your self For blogger it’s absolutely free You can go there and do work after sometime you can move to WordPress! And If you want to go with WordPress Then In My suggestion Start From Starter Pack Of Hosting. Grow your site and Update it! And Yeah It’s Your Choice To select Hosting Some Companies are absolutely Good And Some Are wrost. See the review’s of customer of that hosting provider And Choose it.

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