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Minecraft Server? How to Create? Free or paid which plan should i take? 2021


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We all Know Minecraft Is One Of the Most Popular Game Created By Mojang . Minecraft Basically A World Of Blocks Where You Can Create Anything In Anywhere. There are endless possibilities Just Need your Creative And Idea to Success The Plan. Like creating website you need Designing And Backend To We Need Backend On Minecraft Also So we use Many Things Like Redstone In Minecraft. Craft The Endless Possibilities And Live Like What You Want the world is yours.

Minecraft Server/SMP:-

Minecraft Server is Free Or Paid?

Creating Free Server Of Minecraft?

Creating A Paid Minecraft Server?

creating Yourself On VPS or Dedicated Server:

In simple Word Yes, you can Create server On VPS or Dedicated Server buy Bedrock User’s Should Install Ubuntu On VPS or Dedicated Server.

First Of All Buying. vPs if you’re From Outside Of Nepal or Have A Dollar Card then you can choose any service providers That Provide Service Worldwide

(Note:- Dollar Card Owner’s why you guy’s Are Giving Baal to Dollar Card when You Have NestNepal they provide VPS On Cheap Rates so don’t Waste Money Of 500$ from Dollar Card instead Of That Use NestNepal you can Pay through Nepali Payment Methods So don’t worry Just Chill)

To Create Minecraft Server On VPs Or Dedicated Server java And Bedrock Version Have Different things and Server Configuration Files. Minecraft Java Edition Server You don’t Need port But For Bedrock you Need port

Can i host Both Server on one VPs?

Absolutely Yes 😁.

How to Host?

To Host Minecraft Java Edition On VPs search Minecraft.net java server on google you will get link Note link will like Minecraft.net/___
Click on that tick on checkbox by reading and Hover Over That You Will Get link Of That Copy That Link log in to Your VPs or dedicated Server.
Then type wget and Paste Link

Then excute this command
sudo apt install openjdk-14-jre-headless

Then Go to download Page Of Server File you will get Command

Just run that command then it will Start but one more thing That Command Have (File-name.)jre you need to change file name to file name of that server file you Downloaded. Then go to EULA.txt and Change No To Yes Or As Instructions Says then It will successfully Run.if you phase any problem comment On This Post

Bedrock :-

Download Like Same Wget Command (Note:- you don’t need to download java ) then after downloading Just run ./(mail-filename).sh for more info we’re embedding Videos Of One Of the Greatest Creator Websplanning to modify world seed And etc just modify server properties files.

Which should i choose?

Fun Fact:- You Can Host Minecraft Java Edition Server On Termux Application. Then use NGROK and Invite your Friends And Relatives No Need To Pay Anything. Enjoy!

Support Us By Sharing This Post To Minecraft Lovers And Who Feel Lonely On Their World And Yeah Dear Nepalese, If you want a Public Minecraft Server Where we all can Play just Comment We will Create And Host A Server.

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